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 These are rough ideas usually straight out of my head, some of which evolve into paintings or sketches, or for client use. The color digital sketches are done quickly on a Wacom tablet, from a few minutes to a few hours. There is a huge difference between painting or sketching digitally and using traditional mediums. For commercial work, all that is usually needed is a good digital final, but for my serious fine art, like my Angel pieces, I take more time and develop areas fully, getting reference for figures, and making up sections, if need be, but always with the idea to render out the work realistically.
 Much of my fine art work comes from abstract ideas, sort of like shorthand, but recently I have been sketching more on the digital tablets and these roughs can often be developed into illustrations or client sketches.
 I've mixed the fine art roughs with the commercial pieces and will be putting up more soon, as well as a few demos of more developed realistic concept work.

Digital sketches, Comps and ideas

Drawing for Divas
These various rough pencil and color sketches were done in a few hours apiece. The fastest and cleanest method I employ is to sit at a drawing table with a pad of tracing paper or layout paper. I do several small sketches and try not to think to much about the realism, just lightly rough out the forms, making everything up, then refine it a bit with a few heavier lines. I then make photocopies and tape each to a board, then use gouache or opaque-watercolor to work right onto the copy. If I want to refine these, I do so digitally after I scan or shoot the comp. I can then blend edges or add effects. This way I can do 3 or 4 a day and keep them fresh. These pieces were done without digital enhancing. Most comps like this only need to be taken to a rough state so that the 3d artist can use it as a visual guide.
40 min sketch for Dark Angel, see Fantasy Imagery for final
45 min. tonal study for Demon Circle, see Fantasy Imagery for finals
5 min. rough head for Protector, see Fantasy Imagery for final
8 hour color idea, Photoshop

Click here to see a demo of Mage, comp

These roughs go really quickly, under an hour for this one.
10 min digital sketch, Photoshop, for costume

Pencil and marker roughs, below- You can see the finals in the Angel Imagery section of the site

Concept rough for the Wave
Concept rough for Morning
Concept rough for The Tranquil Sea
Concept rough for Passing On

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