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I specialize in concept rendering, comps, photo-retouching, and final illustrations for everything from technical images, historical and science work, game art, to editorial, agency, and corporate work.
You can contact me directy for Illustration and design work, or for Fantasy and Sci Fi work nationally. I have done extensive book and magazine cover work, editiorial and corporate illustrations, as well as hundreds of advertising jobs for regional and international clients.
My cell phone number is the best way to reach me- 425 328 5835.
My email is

Partial Client List includes- Microsoft, Weyerhaeuser, IBM, Nintendo, Procter-Gamble, Dow Chemical, Lilly-Elanco, Cat Trucks, HP, McMillian, Paccar, Holland America, Delta, Boeing, Amerifresh, Lucite, Applied Microsystems, Houghton-Mifflin, Kiwanis, Hasbro, Lucasfilms, Scientific American, Readers Digest, Wacom, etc. As well as over a hundred magazine and book publishers. I have also worked on several computer and board games, design, front-end and conceptual.

I've been illustrating since High School and have gone through dozens of styles, always keeping my fine art completely separate from my commercial work. Illustration is a business, and the final 'art' is done to fulfill each clients' projects to serve their advertising or marketing needs. Over the years I've been lucky enough to work with some great Art Directors and Designers and have always tried to give each project my best effort, as any professional would. I still put in all-nighters and have developed very fast, very polsihed techniques, often doing complex figures and scenes in one or two nights. 
Illustration is the closest profession I can think of to my painting and as a freelancer you never know what job will come in or who the next client will be that likes your work and wants you to do something interesting for their project. 

My advice to younger commercial artists would be to first find your look, one you love to do, then just keep refining it so that it stands out. Realism always sells well, especially with good drawing skills and a strong design sense. Find a school where the instructors have actually worked for many years in the business, not one where they think they know what's going on or have friends who are supposed illustrators. The best advice and instruction will come from those who have labored in the profession, not simply graduated with a teaching degree who try to teach you a repeat of what their instructors told them. Use your head and follow your skills. Drawing is essential, you can learn it anywhere, just pick up a pencil and do it, for hours a day, for as long as it takes for you to feel confident. Go to life drawing classes and don't make excuses. And check out the magazines and books in the bookstores or online, for editorial work, and see what agenices are up to in various trade magazines. Look at the styles being used, this IS the market. Don't follow some trend, the trendy work is hot one year, gone the next. Realism is always going to be around and a safe bet for a long career. If you can come up with a new look or some cool way of creating images that work with the new media, then push that. Have fun, get a good business sense, and show the work to the right clients who are into what you do.

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