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I thought this might be a good place to store a number of demos, and my comments, for an upcoming book I am preparing on contemporary artists techniques. I learn from everyone, and have had a lot of students and professional painters who were nice enough to contact me and comment on my demos here.
You can see many of my demos in my new book, Angels The Artwork of Philip Howe, now available online or through my site, home page.
I have recently begun to put up demos of my digital work. You can find the Digital Demos at the bottom.

Click here to see close up sections of my work and others showing texture and strokes.

Demo of In the Forest- figure study

Demo of Nude on Dark Cloth

Demo of the Yellow rose

At the Gate- full demo

The Old Conquistador - demo

Comes the Dawn - full demo

Demo of the Valentine Card

Demo using Nupastel/conte as a wash base

Fatih and the Sword - Oil on Gessoed Panel demo

Demo of Male model in Robes study

Full Demo of The Tranquil Sea

Woman in Red Robes_using Brown underpainting

Demo of Embryo, male figure

Angel at the Gate, Study- demo

4 hour figure demo- model in purple

Full demo of Caverna Magica

Demo- Time Passes

The Boy King - demo

Demo of Model looking Up

Demo of Far Below

Natasha 3 hour study- demo

Endless Waterfall demo

Figure using Brush Drawing- demo

Big Tree_ demo

Zion River - demo

NorthWest Still Life Landscape- demo

Blue Robes - demo

Digital Demos, concept sketches, studies

Click here to see closeup details of Fantasy imagery

Demo of Dark Angel concept sketch

Demo of the Rider (Girl with Dragon) digital concept work

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