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  The first two novels in the Rune Master Trilogy are now finished! They now include many illustrations in black and white.
Here is a compelling tale of young Syrena-Rose who inherits a sweater laiden with rune-magic. With her faithful friend, Serakan, the intrepid children must solve an ancient mystery and unlock the rune power to help save their families before the Earth is destroyed. Join in the adventure as they discover real magic and learn as much about themselves as they do the world in turmoil that surrounds them. This is a classic tale of heroism that takes you to exotic places around the world, and beyond.
The series is now being updated for eBook distribution worldwide. It will contain many more color illustrations and even several animations, yes, moving scenes with sound and video! This greatly enhances the reading experience, sort of like watching parts of a movie as you read. The anticipated release is mid 2015 for Book 1 and Book 2, which will be in 2 parts due to its length. 

Click here to see the Rune Master Intro video! It loads in less than a minute.

Click here to watch a sample animation from Book 1!

Customer Reviews of The Rune Master, Book 1, EARTH

"This is an epic adventure, suitable for young and old alike. I can't wait for the sequel!" 5 STARS!

5.0 out of 5 stars First book about runes! Great book! A Kid's Review-
"I couldn't put the book down! The characters are well detailed. The book kept my attention. You really get to know the characters in the book. I've read many books and this book is the first one to have runes in it. I really liked the plot and how you can see what is happening on the bad guys side, it builds a lot of suspense! This is one of my favorite books because it's not about a person that already knows her powers and is well known, it's about a girl who is discovering and learning how to use her powers, but must keep them secret!"

"This book is a fictional thriller, full of magic and adventure. You really get involved with the characters, and almost feel that you are there with them. This is a gripping story, and is believable in describing what may be ahead be in our distant future. It makes you feel like anything is possible." 5 STARS!

"A very well written narrative that keeps the reader engrossed in an entertaining, ever evolving tale that weaves history with the present as well as with the spiritual realm. Simply put, a very good story! 5 STARS!
Bring on Book 2."

A few illustrations from the Rune Master series, below.

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