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This book is 134 full-color pages of the beautiful artwork of Philip Howe. The reproductions are from his spiritual and dream series of oil paintings, with dozens of images, exclusive close-up shots from the originals, and over 40 pages of demonstrations for artists and collectors. It is printed on soft matte paper, the same as our quality prints, so the color is rich and clean, with each spread designed to fit the images. 
Illustrated Images is the exclusive distributor of the limited artist signed edition of the book. 
Price is $32.99 + $4 shipping, soft cover, perfect bound.

ISBN 13- 978-0-9843198-2-4


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ANGELS The Artwork of Philip Howe SIGNED EDITION 0004

$32.99 + $4.oo for 7 day shipping and handling.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Un-signed copies are now available at all online retailers.


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Customer Reviews-

All 5 STARS!!

"The work in Angels is exceptionally well painted realism by a master painter who really knows how to use color and light. I would have bought this book just for the many paintings shown, but the extra demo section in the back is really a great way to see how some of the work was done."

"I love this book. Mr. Howe's paintings are not your traditional depictions of angels- they are unique and mysterious, and obviously deeply personal. They are spiritual and contemplative images for the non-artist, as well as being masterful examples of technique and skill for anyone who makes art. I teach classes in painting, and his step-by-step lessons are excellent- clear and concise, with great photos to accompany them. I have used this book in class. I would highly recommend it to art-lovers and artists alike. It is a wonderful combination of coffee-table art book and instruction."

"ANGELS is a full color book that is like getting 2 books in one. It has page after page of high quality work, all realism, by Philip Howe, who paints like artists used to when they did large classic oil paintings of subjects that were thought provoking and well crafted. This artist is one of the best around and this book certainly showcases a lot of his creative work, spiritual and dream imagery."

"This is one art book I will show off to my friends!"


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