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Shipping and Policies
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We offer the following shipping options:

Postal or Federal Express
These are approximate prices as of 2009-2010
2 day 20x24= $30, 2 day 24x30 = $35 or current rates. We do not make money from charging our customers a courier fee. We charge only what the current courier prices are from each courier and and use our account number or yours, whichever is easier.

Payment Methods-
If you are interested in purchasing anything on this site, just go to the Purchasing Page and click on either card icon link. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and Paypal.
If you use a credit card, your order will ship within 2 days after printing, usually within 48 hours..
You can also call 1-425-328-5835 to make an order over the phone.  If you pay by personal check, your order will ship 5 business days after we process your check.

Privacy Policy
Contact information including email address, telephone number, address, etc. which is provided by the user is used solely for the purpose of completing the order. Financial information including credit card numbers, expiration dates, billing address- are never handled by our company but go directly through PayPal so you can be assured of your privacy.

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